Blonde Ambition?

Fox Sports 1 is playing up the sex appeal of Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson.

Fox Sports 1 is playing up the sex appeal of Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson.

I’m going to ask you to read this italicized text, not in your normal internal reading voice, but you’re a somber and perplexed Ian Darke reacting to a striker who has just missed an open goalmouth by an acre: Erin Andrews, Charissa Thompson… oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

That’s the most tonally appropriate response for this embarrassing Hollywood Reporter video in which Andrews and Thompson try to affect “blonde-tastically flirty” and end up somewhere around a generic Esquire Hot Lady Profile that’s been left outside during a hurricane. The only time we hear either of them speak, in the midst of so much doe-eyed preening and hair-flipping, is when Andrews jokes “Are these our engagement photos?” to which a photographer chuckles “Haha, yeah.” And then what I imagine we don’t hear is him mumbling “…now kiss” because that seems to be exactly the sort of thing a photog at this event would say.

It’s not that I’m outraged over the fact that two female sports reporters are made to feel like they have to act like they’re at some vaguely porn-y slumber party, though that’s definitely a thing to feel angry about. I’m more uncomfortable than anything, because both Thompson and Andrews appear to not know what they’re doing and not feel great about it. I’ve seen those smiles they flash in the video before; they’re the painted-on type that you apply when you want to leave a social gathering but decide I guess I need to stay for at least another 45 minutes to not seem like a jerk.

In other words, Andrews and Thompson are indulging us, though I’m not sure who the “us” is supposed to be. Is it the Ted Nugentian types the NFL seems to imagine their audience to be? I guess so, but the ridiculous cringe-worthiness of the video indicates how silly it is to market oneself to a beer-drinkin’, deer-huntin’ stereotype that surely exists but can’t possibly be worth the stress or the cost of making anyone with a progressive bone in their body dislike you.

Fox has been blitzing us with promos and advertisements for Fox Sports 1, and they’ve covered all the angles. The network, depending on what ad you’re watching, will be fun, smart, inventive, unpredictable, provocative, etc. One can imagine the THR photo shoot and accompanying video is Fox asking Thompson and Andrews to announce that the network will also feature good-looking women. Being that I’m no longer 12 years old, I don’t feel like this is something I need to know, what with my ability to be interested in things that are not even obliquely about sex. All I want is for Thompson and Andrews to be good at their jobs. Fox should, too.

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  1. God’s punishment for lustfully playing the embedded video is subjection to a Fox Sports 1 commercial.


  2. Erin Andrews embodies the stereotype that women have fought to overcome in TV journalism. Her lack of judgment and professionalism is utterly appalling. Count me out.

    • Exact opposite. Erin Andrews is a knowledgeable lady and does a good job reporting. Jealousy–My God It’s ALL Over Me!

    • You could not be more wrong, Erin is VERY knowledgeable about sports, you are just jealous, typical.

      Besides, when it comes to sports journalist being female, men want a woman who embraces her sexuality and sexyness, along with her knowledge of the sport.

      • My thing on this topic is this – We’re men, kudos for Fox for not being ashamed to sex things up. Just don’t tell me how these women should be allowed to dance in the disco with tight dresses, etc but should still be respected as ‘journalists.

  3. Has there ever been a national sport show host with less talent than, Erin Andrews, I ask? I continue to be astonished about how she fails upwards. Think this is the last stop, though.

  4. Am not sure wouldve put Ted “Amboy Dukes” Nugent in with the rest of the dudes who used to watch the swedish bikini team beer commercials back in the good ole days or when he was playing some mean guitar and before he became a conservative go-to guy for commentating on gun control to religion and politics on even Christian and assorted righ-wing news websites! But, what the hey…first things do come to mind that way when weve been mostly brainwashed for years by lamestream liberalism in our various and sundry media outlets (except perhaps Fox TV news and radio anyway;), for what that, and my point of view also is worth, natch?

  5. C’mon. It’s FOX. What did you expect? They basically birthed lowest-common-denominator TV.

  6. Are you kidding me? We’re supposed to be outraged because two women chose to be a part of a photo / video shoot in which they chose to act like braindead sorority sisters for two minutes?

    No one held them at hostage against their will and said “you need to perform these acts of pseudo-sexuality or else”.
    FOX never got Pam Oliver or Laura Okmin involved, and the latter could at least hold her own in the “blonde-tastically flirty” category if she wanted to.
    It’s not as if there aren’t other jobs in the world for those two to go to if they decided to quit or risk being fired rather than be a part of the video. That’s assuming FOX would risk the backlash from every women’s rights group and emasculated male out there.

    In other words, they chose to act like vacuous idiots of their own free will. Yes, it’s a stupid video. Yes, it could be taken as embarrassing. But it’s their choice, and if they were in any way uncomfortable, they could have easily backed out without fear of reprisal. There’s nothing to be morally outraged about. They made their bed. Let them lie in it.

  7. Fox has always been kind of a joke even though they have the NFL on Sundays. They never seem to be terribly intelligent. Maybe that is the audience they are going for with this. I am not a huge fan of ESPN these days as they have gotten a little too uptight. But they have nothing to fear in Fox Sports 1. Swing and a miss Fox.

    • Yeah, sure. The people who watch football, baseball, and any other sport on NBC, CBS, or the family of ABC networks are so very much more intelligent than the ones who watch the same sports on Fox. Stop making this about Fox’s political slant. It’s about men and what they want to see. Same reason ESPN The Magazine came out with the Body issue–to compete with/keep up with SI’s swimsuit issue. It’s not brain surgery guys.

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  13. I wish I could just laugh at this, but the Fox Network is a reflection of just how stupid our country has become. Everything they do, from their “news” channel to this new “sports” channel, is a joke. All they do is appeal to the dumbest people and to the lowest common denominator of such people. It scares me that there are that many people out there that love this. Walking around. Diving cars. Voting. Uggghhh.

  14. I was expecting Austin Powers to come driving up in his Union Jack Shaguar and whisk away our lovely blondes back to 1969!

  15. What I found yuck about that was their prepackaged little routines … they’re stood there looking vacant, then a bit of music comes on and it’s like the trigger from a hypnotic state, one of them starts to dance or sing. Then the other notices and she joins in, in perfect synchrony.

    It’s like something out of Stepford Wives and you imagine that when they step off set or the credits roll, a stagehand comes and takes the battery cell out of them, puts them on a trolley and wheels them off to a cupboard until the next show.

  16. A few years ago Erin would’ve been appalled by a woman broadcaster doing a video like this. Of course a few years ago she still had integrity and worked very hard to be taken seriously and professionally. But that was before she attached herself to Sports Illustrated swimsuit models and started dating an NHL playboy who loves dating famous blondes. Nowadays her goal seems to be how much she can objectify herself for attention without killing her father. Which is the only reason we haven’t seen her in Playboy.

  17. What a joke….
    get the programming right, lose the bimbo act.
    They look great, let em do a reality show or something that a better fit.

  18. These two broads are gonna kill each other. I give it 6 months.

    Andrews can’t stand not being the center of attention and left ESPN thinking she’d be the star at FOX. But FOX is obviously positioning Thompson to be their star. This won’t sit well with Andrews who has shown she can be a real bitch when challenged.

  19. Nice article. Thumbs down for us. Fox Sports better step their game up if they want to be on the same level as GoDaddy’s Super Bowl commercials and appeal.

  20. Why should anyone be upset when Fox shows something in bad taste or obviously false? That is who they are catering to, the majority of Republicans who live in the former Confederate States.

  21. The best of Erin Andrews was when she was doing side work for the former Atlanta hockey team yrs ago.This ‘ forced personality” is a plain piece of blank paper.MS Thompson looks and seens sexy,,,unfortunately for MS Andrews those days are long gone as those of that losing money pit of a hockey team.Pretty soon she wont even be in commercials; she ain`t got it !

  22. Nobody does it better than FOX. Be it Fox Business, Fox News or now this sports version putting beautiful, intelligent, opinionated women on the screen plays and the numbers prove it. The fake political correctness movement is and has been easy for the public to see through by the other networks like NBC who would rather promote Al Sharpton.

  23. These woman are there for eye-candy, period. These two are actually pretty good about sports talk and knowledge,..

  24. Hey, all you Fox News and Sports haters out there: who would you rather look at: these girls or Katy ‘Cookey’ Couric and/or Diane Sawyer. And, those are just the lamestream media network ones…dont forget the gal over at CNN whose name I cant even remember right now since I dont watch, but all the libtards will know to whom I refer! I mean we havent even gotten to the actual pols yet…lets just try comparing Nancy ‘Poison’ Pelosi to Sarah Palin, for starters ;). I say the conservatives in both arenas win hands down, at least as far as their effect on the eyes and probably our cerebral cortexes too!

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  26. If only the female sports casters would shut up their mouth and just take their tops off, then I would take them seriously as a sports reporter/commentator.