Captain Imprintables

You’ve probably heard by now that Derek Jeter is going into publishing — just the beginning of what surely will be many lucrative, post-baseball endeavors, once he actually retires. Jeter Publishing will be a division of Simon & Schuster, and his New York Times interview on the subject makes it clear that he’s serious about getting into the publishing world, since he showed up wearing black. According to the Times:

The publishing imprint will include nonfiction books for adults, like biographies and titles on business and lifestyle; children’s picture books; middle-grade fiction; and books for young children who are just learning to read.

So, what might Jeter Publishing actually put out? Here are a few helpful suggestions.

Adult Nonfiction

Tuesdays with Torre
Derek Eater: Cooking With the Captain
Pasta-Diving Jeter: Italian Favorites
Zen and the Art of Gift Baskets
The Cliché-a-Day Calendar (“Never accidentally say anything interesting to a reporter again, with these daily tips.”)
I’m OK, You’re … Probably Going to Be Out a Few Months
A Beginner’s Guide to Indoor Motor Scooter Racing
The Madness of King George (U.S. version)
A-Rod and Whitey: The Many Parallels, by Bill Madden
Thus Spoke Zarathustra, by Friedrich Nietzsche (a new translation, with special attention to the Übermensch concept)

Middle-Grade/Young Adult

Our Ankle Ligaments, Ourselves
Are you there, God? It’s me, Joba
The Fault In Our All-Stars
It is High, It Is Far, It is GONE WITH THE WIND! (adaptation of Margaret Mitchell’s classic into a young-adult audio book by John Sterling)


A is for A-Roid
Mother Goose Gossage
The Very Hungry Fanbase
The Grinch Who Stole the ALCS
Where The Bleacher Creatures Are
Horton Hears a Boo

21 thoughts on “Captain Imprintables

  1. Very creative. Some real winners :-). “Tuesdays with Torre” and “The Madness of King George” deserve special call-outs as brilliant.

  2. How about “How I got away with doing PEDS?” Or “Everyone else on the club did them but I didn’t?”

  3. Would you be interested in publishing a book on the history of baseball? I have a unique concept, and the book is ready.

    • Excellent; difficult to beat.

      How about “The Shortest Stop of All?”

      Or a rap album called “The Can’tincles?”

  4. I wrote a book that would fit what Jeter would be looking for. It is a non-fiction book about a disease called dystonia. It would cover my experience with this disease and how it affected me as a child and adult. The intriguing thing is that I write in my book about my favorite yankee, Mickey Mantle because of his problems with his legs and how that made him my boyhood idle. I do mention Mantle in my book. Anyone can read about my book at my website, “ It also would be very helpful to others stricken with this disease especially in New York City where most of my surgeries were performed at St Barnabus Hospital in the Bronx then Our Lady of Mercy also in the Bronx. The book connect to the Yankees because of Mantle and it would be an honor to be involved in anyway with Jeter. I just wish I had a way to get a copy to Jeter.

  5. I too like “Tuesdays w/ Torre” …should be interesting. How about “A Short Stop Day at the Office”

  6. I’m impressed. At Jeter’s young age, and monetary backing, along with an already world-class publisher, success is predictable. Does Jeter have any literate background? What did he study in college? There are many books out there ready to be submited for publication and to be written. Wish him well.

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