Finally, On-Field Drama

Alex Rodriguez gets hit by a pitch from Ryan Dempster, who also threw the at-bat's previous three pitches inside. (Getty Images)

Alex Rodriguez gets hit by a pitch from Ryan Dempster, who also threw the at-bat's previous three pitches inside. (Getty Images)

Baseball is a silly game.  Red Sox-Yankees games, especially, are silly — and once in a while, they are fantastically silly. This was the case almost constantly in 2003 and 2004, or so it seems through the mists of nostalgia, but the much-hyped, capital-R Rivalry has been quiet for years now, with precious little of the riveting tension it used to have.

Leave it to Alex Rodriguez to bring at least some of that back, the one guy every sports fan is so unbearably sick of hearing about and reading about and being force-fed opinions about. Even while news was breaking of yet another facet of A-Rod’s involvement in the Biogenesis case, he was taking another Sunday night slog and making it, if nothing else, memorable. Oh, right: This is why everyone cared about him in the first place.

He had some help, of course, from Red Sox starter Ryan Dempster, who threw at Rodriguez in his first time up in the 2nd inning — and missed, so he threw inside again; and again; and finally, on the 3-0 count, Dempster nailed him in or near the ribs. With the caveat that one never truly knows what is going on in the mind of another person, it would take staggering mental gymnastics to watch that sequence of pitches and not conclude that Dempster was throwing at Rodriguez on purpose. (According to one reporter, this was not even some sort of Bold Stance Against PEDs, but rather premeditated revenge for Rodriguez having “snubbed Dempster at a public event,” which, if true, has to be one of the saddest reasons for a beanball in baseball history.)

Girardi was furious — and when Joe Girardi is furious, you can see his entire skull. He shouted things at Dempster that cannot be printed here, though it doesn’t take sophisticated lip-reading skills to discern them if you are so inclined. Umpire Brian O’Nora promptly ejected Girardi, rather than Dempster, and warned the benches, though not before they had already cleared for some intense and indignant milling around the field.

In the end, the Red Sox had more cause to be angry with Dempster than the Yankees did; hitting A-Rod kicked off a two-run inning that eliminated Boston’s lead, and Dempster went on to relinquish another lead in the 6th inning, giving up a total of seven earned runs in a 9-6 Yankees win.

The biggest of those seven earned runs, of course, came from Rodriguez, who, after grounding out in the 3rd, faced Dempster again in the 6th and knocked one far over the wall. At 446 feet, it was the longest home run hit by any Yankee this season.

Rodriguez yelled something as he rounded the bases — the words were harder to make out than Girardi’s earlier tirade, but the sentiment behind them was fairly unmistakable. When he crossed the plate, he came to a full stop and pointed to the sky, effectively trolling Fenway Park, Major League Baseball, the sports media and the world.

The Red Sox, in their own nod to the rivalry’s good old days, brought the tying run to the plate against closer Mariano Rivera, but the game ended, after much held breath, with a harmless flyout.

The Yankees are not really in the playoff hunt anymore. They are only six back from a wild card spot, but there are five teams ahead of them — younger teams, mostly, up-and-comers who are less likely to fade down the stretch than this creaky bunch.  (It’s not the distance, it’s the traffic.) They are close enough, however, that they can’t quite give up, not entirely, not yet.

More than that, though, Sunday night’s game took on its own momentum. It had very real playoff implications, as every game does, for the Sox (who are holding down a slim one-game lead in the AL East), but it also had an energy that had nothing to do with that — at least for Yankees fans. It had some of that old fire, in ways that few Yankees games have had in this mostly lost season.

This version of Alex Rodriguez is vastly more trouble than he’s worth, no doubt — earlier in the day Brian Cashman told reporters that he is “not comfortable” even speaking to the team’s third baseman, and Rodriguez in turn told reporters, “Put the mic down. I’m not talking about sh*t.” For at least this one at-bat on this one night, though, you remembered what all the fuss was about in the first place.

The guy’s knack for drama is much less excruciating when it is applied to baseball. Remember baseball?

74 thoughts on “Finally, On-Field Drama

  1. Say whatever you will about A-Rod’s worth, it’s time the hypocritical, whiny, fraudulent, price-gouging dorks in the so-called front office take a bit of their own advice and STFU. Do they really think we care how hard it is for them to deal with A-Rod when they spend plenty of time making up stories and telling us lies? I don’t like A-Rod, but I find the Yankees’ FO more trouble than they’re worth. They deserve every below-the-belt shot they’re getting from A-Rod.

    We want this team to play hard, bottom line. A-Rod is doing that. And anyone who thinks he was ready to retire is just buying MLB and Yankees FO propaganda.

    • Truest words ive heard in awhile. Well put sir, the Yankees front office needs to figure it out and fast, if they hate having him so much why not just put him on the waiver wire, or send him to Triple-A, or something! Oh wait, now i remember why, because the Yankees signed him to some stupid 10-yr $275 million contract!! It is as much the Yankees as it is A-Rod’s that they are in this big mess. If it wasnt for Rivera, Jeter and Pettite i would lose all respect for this organization.

    • not ready to retire? give him a season of banishment to let the juice wear off and then let’s see how good this 40 year old plays.

  2. What’s worse is this writer is trying to keep his writing gig afloat by writing articles that make him sound stupid. Whoever you like in baseball, you can’t argue numbers. The New York Yankees have enough games left and are close enough to take first place. If they do is a different story,but this man is writing articles based on some facts mixed with a lot of opinions. I though Journalism was when you printed facts

    • Congratulations on misunderstanding 1.) the difference between opinion sports writing and objective journalism, and 2.) the author’s gender.

      • And congratulations go to you for misunderstanding that the line between said difference gets blurred when a writer, as this piece illustrates, can’t make the distinction themselves.

    • Actual numbers…yes….do say the yankees can win the division still. And so can Washington, St Louis and Cincinnati. But LIKE the yankees its unlikely. VERY unlikely. Currently the only history the yankees will probably make is the negative kind….like when they became the ONLY playoff team to get ahead 3-0 and promptly lose the next four. Sure they might even make the playoffs, but very very unlikely. YOU know it.

      • You’re a goon. The yankees have a much better shot at making the postseason than the nationals do. And considering how many times the yankees make the playoffs, they’re bound to have some bad -even horrific- moments. But they’re baseball history and lore, both past AND present. No one cares about the nationals or the rockies in terms of relevance in present or historical terms. The Yankees are relevant before and now, because they’re champions.
        The yankees are coming on strong, have a much more dangerous lineup than early in the season, and have plenty of time to make it happen. You KNOW it.

        • You can talk all you want about history and lore, but everyone who doesn’t bandwagon this team knows that the Yankees and their FO are all that is wrong with baseball. There is no difference between Rodriguez and the Yankees. One and the same. When you say lore, I think you mean load.

    • Calling someone named Emma “this man” doesn’t make you look too intelligent either.

  3. For me it’s simple

    MLB Drama (Dirty Business)

    This kind of situations are unhealthy for what the game is (Familiar Game)…

  4. I’m getting tired, sick maybe, of the piling on of Alex Rodrigues. Did the dude kill someone?
    Leave him alone, suspend him for 50 games if you have to, but spare me the sanctimony

    • SUSPEND HIM FOR 50 GAMES!?!?!!? are you crazy this guy is a filthy cheater he has never told the truth in his life except for when he admitted to using drugs!! He deserves a 200+ game ban if not more!!

      • MLB blew the whole PED years ago! When they had the 250 names before the big government side show they should suspended all of them 50 games and said if caught you are done! It amazes me that only a hand full of those names were exposed.

  5. I am angry that the home plate umpire did not eject Dempster, after nailing A-Rod with a Fast Ball. Warning should have been given prior to. Home plate Ump. should be disciplined for not ejecting Dempster. A-Rod not my favorite player, even so, I believe he is being unfairly treated on some respects until due process has run it’s course. A-Rod is playing baseball because he followed MLB protocol. Some players and Fans may not agree but, they are treating him guilty until proven innocent which, is wrong in this country, right? Further more, it is not right for the players and public to accept Dempster’s unexceptable behavior ,in my opinion, and taking law in their own hands to try deliberate and possibly injure anyone, even if that someone is found guilty later. Let due process run it’s course, eh? A-Rod did no commit a crime but maybe, maybe broke MLB Rules. So Players and Fans should be ashamed of themselves for letting young children see this behavior as ok, wow. A-Rod may have not done right , I do not know full story yet. If he is found guilty through appeals process, he will likely never play again anyways. So probably this is his way of playing and getting paid some of his contract before the latter happens. Anyways and anyhow, I ashamed of MLB, Players, Fans and Boston Radio Sports Broadcasting the game that took part with and seemingly condoning this treatment of A-Rods at bat with Dempster, and last nights Home Plate Umpires obvious unethical decision. They might have just made a cross with baseball bats and staked A=Rod and tortured and bled him out. Talk about sportsmanship! They demand it but please, it doesn’t apply to me. In my opinion , Dempster and his folloers are no better than, some of A-Rod’s dealings! Totally disgusted…

    • Fascinating diatribe, when you ignore the hypocritical nature of baseball and its “history”. Listen to everyone in the booth, in the dugout, afterwards in interviews after a pitcher (probably) deliberately throws at a batter. You will find things like…its baseball… its the nature of the game… the pitcher was just sticking up for his teammates… etc. Infantile, juvenile behavior is at the root of deliberately throwing at batters. NO MATTER what the batter did. It doesnt matter if he hits a long HR< stands there to admire it, jogs casually around the bases gesturing to the pitcher and the opposing team. It does NOT give the right for the pitcher to throw at any batter. I think if baseball players were allowed to taunt each other on the field instead of pussy-footing around…it would be better. So dont talk about the history of baseball and its so called integrity.

    • Agreed. I dislike ARod, but, so what? Had he shown up the Bosox or Dempster? No? Then Dempster should have been tossed after the second time he tried to hit ARod.

      A regulation plunking is a curveball. That’s convention. When a Braves pitcher hits Bryce Harper in the back with a fastball, that’s a unilateral declaration of war. When two different Braves do it in the same game, the umpires have to be morons not to throw both pitchers.

      The Red Sox and the Braves have to be lucky that neither the Yankees nor the Nats pitchers decided not to break somebody’s arm. Nats had Strasburg, who can hit a dime at home-plate distance with a 99 mph fastball. I didn’t look to see who was pitching for the Yanks, but Joba used to throw hard.

      Umpires let both games go to the ridiculous.

    • If the Marathon Terrorist showed up at Sunday’s game, he would have got booed less than A-Rod did. Meanwhile, Big Pa-PED was on that same list that Rodriguez’s name was on. Sox fans aren’t gonna boo him if he is found to have taken the juice, will they? Also, if Ortiz qualifies for the HOF down the road, a lot of writers will ask questions about that salient fact. So he’d better come clean or come out of it clean. Otherwise, he’ll be just another HOF-wannabe like Alex has become.

  6. dempster is a mediocre pitcher and now he is also dirty, he should get fined for throwing at a-rod. then the bench cleared for no reason it seems that they are breading retards and rednecks in boston. it’s not about Yankees and redsox anymore it’s about arod against everyone because he did what Manny Ramirez did, what big papi did and other boston players have done or are still doing.

    • spoken like a true misbegotten, typical arrogant yankee fan. You have no real sense of honor, integrity or honesty…much like the yankee organization, the players (except for a few here and there) and a sizeable part of its “fans”. You call Dempster a dirty pitcher…but I’m sure you didnt mind a certain yankee pitcher who threw a broken bat AT a baserunner during a playoff/WS game and the umpires never even considered throwing him out. He pleaded that he didnt realize where the baserunner was. yea right..

      • that incident that you talk about was in a world series between two guys that didn’t like each other. Dempster is not a true red sox, this is his first year with the team, he is a middle tear guy at best and hi big stamp in his career is hitting arod. you can say what ever you want about how he used steroids and other things he has more than 600 homeruns, there are many players that used steroids and like I mentioned in the earlier post big papi used steroid and he is a hero in boston, Manny won a world series with boston. oh and the 92 mph that dempster throws is not going to hurt a-rod. I was really disappointed that CC didn’t retaliate I would had hit big papi or pedroia and then let the benches clear. Yankees honor or pride is standing behind your player even when they do something stupid outside the field.

      • Excuse me. One of our players as in Pedro Martinez take down a man old enough to be his grandfather….give me a break. The whole team is a train wreck and the fans are the worst. Enuf said.

  7. Shakin’ down A-Rod? I don’t think so… He is still A-ROD! No doubt about it.
    Shame on you DUMPster guy!

  8. Typical. Everyone of those Boston fans cheering for a player getting pegged is a disgrace. Who cheers for a person to be potentially hurt? Think Boston fans need to reevaluate themselves before cheering for the person trying to peg a batter 4 times. A pitcher trying to send a message is one thing, but to continue till you hit the batter is the disgrace.

    • agreed get off Arod I never hear about the other MLBers I loved when he blasted that homer against the Gay Sox. Parents clapping with their kids when he was hit by pitch they should be ashamed “Say No to Drugs but use violence to protest it. Sick fans in Boston

  9. The Yankees arn’t going anywhere anyways. I’m real glad they hit the creep.

    A loser on a loser team.

    • hahaha, 27 world series is way more than every other team by a lot, 16 more than the second team. you put the redsox’s 7, athletics 9 and cardinals 11 and we are talking about an even field. arod has 1/2 billion reasons to say let them talk.

    • No VIN you are one of many losers in Boston. The lost nation. Can you count RINGS????

    • I’m not a Yankee fan but the display the Boston fans put on was hideous and I felt embarrassed for baseball. If you call yourself a sports town think again. The real losers here are the Boston Red Sox and the fans that so mind numly follow them. Bottom line is this is a game and you play hard to win the game…but you make a spectical of your team and city by doing whatever you feel like doing. After watching this Sunday night game i can tell you who I won’t be rooting for…

  10. So how come Melky got a 50 game suspension after his cousin created a fake website to deceive MLB? How come Braun only got 65 games after lying and getting an innocent guy fired? By any account, ARod should got a sentence in that same realm. I’d bet he’d gladly take that and all this ugliness would end.

  11. Baseball is the only occupation where someone can throw a projectile at a co-worker at 90 mph (maybe not in dempster’s case) and hit someone and not get arrested for aggravated assault. Don’t like A-Rod much, but you don’t mess with someones money. Baseball should grow up and stop allowing this kind of behavior to go on.

    • After thinking on this some more… I believe now ,and possibly Dempster is the only person who knows? Anyone else involved out there… RED SOX ,nada. Did Dempster try also to provoke A-Rod into charging the mound? Think what repercussions might have been if A-Rod had, more bench clearing brawls,fines,injuries,etc… hell yes Dempster was not ejected and now Bud Selig should definitely fine Dempster and the Home Plate Boss. I salute Joe Girardi for his furious and gallant efforts and for the Bronx Bombers for sticking together as one. Maybe Bud Selig should be fined for taking no action…well he is probably beyond a fine , but at the very least held accountable just like everyone else, eh? Apparently the whole world knows what happened and so I commend A-Rod for holding his cool.

      • Kinda pathetic for the yankees, but hey they cant dump on A-Rod yet, until its proven he is the dolt and criminal he truly is. It wont be long. Once the yankees get eliminated…then A-Rod can start clearing out his things from NY.

  12. I agree that Dempster should have been ejected from the game and suspended and fined!
    The ump should also be disciplined. I don’t agree with “vin” – he must be a red sox fan…talk about LOSERS!

  13. Imagine the boo’s Dempster will receive at Yankee Stadium… Hopefully , I would like Yankees fans to show absolute quiet treatment to Dempster, you know, teach him a little more pride of sportsmanship when someone is already down…just because this is such a different and unique situation. I would not want Yankees and Yankees fans to slip as low as what Dempster pulled including Mr. Home Plate Umpire. Truthfully, maybe this helps unite and fire up “The Bombers” like we have never seen before with World Series rings ta boot. At least knock the Red Sox out.

    • yankee fans cant dip any lower…since many of them are scraping the bottom. So I am not sure where you get the idea of putting the words sportsmanship and yankee in the same sentence. It doesnt belong, never has belonged. The few yankees with honor and integrity in the HOF (and soon to be) will have to be saddled with the yankee emblem on their HOF busts, lets hope they can live out their lives after baseball with some integrity and put the shame of being a yankee behind them.

  14. There is no point of commenting, because Yankee fans will never acknowledge the truth. A-Rod should not have even been in the game playing. They made a big deal about him being suspended, yet they continue to let him play. Last time I check, school, work, job, license, whatever, if your suspended your suspended. If cleared, you get reinstated. He got caught using and he got caught trying to cover it up, take the suspension and move on! And yes I am a Sox fan, and if it was one of ours id be saying the same thing. I said Manny deserved it when he got suspended. People can say this guy is using or that guy is using all they want, but none of them have 211 games suspension to serve, Arod does! Take it and move on!

    • Big Papi took PED’s, but everyone in Boston loves him. Absolutely pathetic if you ask me. Very hypocritical.

      • Actually, there was no proof of any of that! All there is is a report that came out that said he tested pos, 6-7 years later from when they say he did, not even knowing what he tested pos for. Thats what you call a joke, and if it did come out that he tested pos for something and baseball suspended him, I would agree that he deserved it! Arod is not being suspended because he was on that same list, he is being suspended because there is actual proof of his use and trying to cover it up. Just like Manny was suspended, because they had proof.

        • Big Papi was on the same list as Manny, A rod and Pedro Martinez. I Think it was ’03 the year it was supposed to remain anonymous.

        • Pete, you are one of the idiots that make hating boston so much fun. A-Rod has not tested positive for any PED, he has admitted in the past to taking but that was prior to rules changes that outlawed it in MLB.

          But the real issue here is not if A-Rod did or didn’t, it is that for no reason other than not liking A-Rod a pitcher threw at a batter with intent to hit him and possibly injury him. There is no reason or excuse for it, and certainly Dempster is not judge, jury and executioner. As to playing right now, all the players could have appealed and still be playing, A-Rod did what the rules allow.

          As to over all dirty play, there is no team that comes close to Boston Rex Sux, look at the stats of hit batters, on field fights and total fines.

          Yes Boston is an ugly town with ugly people there, that can’t say simple words like car and they really have no place in Baseball. The entire team and fan base should be suspended for what was tantamount to mob behaviour calling for physical harm to another human being.

          Pete, I truly hope someday you find yourself faced with someone that just does not like your whinny cry baby attitude and decides physically harming you is just OK because you did something that they didn’t like.

    • I am a Yankee fan (secondarily) and I agree that ARod should not be playing. Same as Braun or Melky. Also believe that MLB should erase the steroid records. We knew something was peculiar. Ruth hits 60 homewrs and the record stands for 35 years, only Ruth hits 59, and Foxx and Greenberg bit 58. Then Maris hits 61. THEN, in one season, a washed up ex-Oakland 1B and a Cub we;ve never heard of both break the Maris record. Then Bonds hits about 80 homers and nothing is suspect? Barry Bonds, who I saw as a Pirate when he looked like an elegant greyhound suddenly has the same build as Harmon Killebrew? Baloney!

      Regardless of the steroids, Dempster should be banned for a couple of weeks and fined. The umpires should be fined and maybe suspended for bringing disgrace to the game.

      • “I agree that ARod should not be playing. Same as Braun or Melky.”

        In A-Rod’s case take it up with MLB and the MLBPA who in the joint agreement (CBA) decided you can play while appealing.

        As for Braun and Melky, etc.
        Do the crime, do the time.

    • I have never seen Yankee fans cheer because someone was intentionally hit with a pitch. I used to really respect the Boston fans, and spent many happy hours at Fenway, but after what I saw yesterday, I can only say those fans have no class at all. They would probably pay to go to a gladiatorial contest!

        I’m sorry Gerry what did you say? Yankee’s fans are just as classless as Boston fans, and they happily cheer when their pitching staff tries to injure an opposing player. If you’re too lazy to watch the clip, Yankee Stadium erupts in cheers after the pitcher intentionally hits David Ortiz.

        • Have you no idea of the ratio of Red Sox to Yankees HBPs? After A-Rod 3 more Yankees got hit plunked Sunday. Yes, three more. And the reaction in your video clip is b/c Ortiz HAD NEVER BEEN PLUNKED by the Yankees while Red Sox pitchers were plunking Yankee hitters like it was open hunting season. Finally! That’s what that reaction was about. And Ortiz got hit square on the ass Not on his arm or elbow, where it could have other consequences. Next time back up your argument better, ok?

    • The rules of each of those should be followed accordingly. And since MLB rules–as agreed to by MLB and the players’ union, the MLBPA–clearly state you can play under appeal, so if you know that, then you are talking nonsense.

      Also, spare us your indignation and concentrate on your boy Ortiz who was on the same PED list as A-Rod and yet you guys cheer him on and the Boston press says nothing. Come back when your media, team and fans have a sliver of integrity.

  15. Okay , fellas, here’s the deal! The Yankees are only 6 back in the all important loss column. Hell, the Rays are ahead of the Red Sox in the loss column. So, yes the Yankess can win the division and they can get a wild card. Will they? :-)

  16. A-ROD has NEVER tested positive for drugs. He is being charged for “possession” not a dirty test. He did admit to using with Texas before the rules made his usage illegal. Do we need to make an extra wing at Cooperstown for all of the mid-80’s to late 90’s heroes? Gwyn, McGuire, Sosa, Clemens, Bonds……….. Look at the 86 Mets. Dykstra hit how many homeruns that year? He used to weigh 170. Look at a Bonds rookie card. Look at his second year card. There is not enough time in a year to get that jacked an still play 162 games a year. I’m not a huge A-Rod fan, but he is being singled out and all it takes is one guy who played for three teams over a few decades to start talking about what really goes on in the dugout. Back to the 86 Mets. Its been reported by past players that the entire dugout had a huge daily cocaine habit. Maybe that conceals the steroids?
    Two decades of users have plagued baseball and one guy takes the fall? How much weight did Giambi loose after the rules changed? That’s what i thought. Hate on A-Rod just for being a goon, but remember your hero probably took something as well. Lets not throw stones in this glass house of a sport that we love, lets change the future without burning the past.
    thanks for listening

  17. A note about the home plate umpire in last night’s game. He was foolish to let Dempster throw at A-rod 4 times. He should have warned the pitcher and the benches after the first pitch which was behind Alex. He didn’t. He didn’t after the second, nor the third pitches which were both close to hitting A-Rod. Finally after finally hitting Alex with the 4th pitch the benches and pitcher are warned… By the way, Dempster should be the joke of baseball for missing A-Rod 3 times. In baseball hit batters are usually followed by hit batters on the other team, but this beaning was the umpire’s fault. Later in the game, on a 3-0 count the yankee catcher let a straight down the middle fastball miss his glove, and glanced backward as it caught the umpire in the throat. Retribution, justice is served, but the umpire, as always has to have the last word. He calls the gimme strike ball four as he’s coughing, and gagging and clutching his throat. What a jerk.

    • I seem to also remember that “jerk” walking to the mound, talking to C.C. handing him the ball and then dusting off the plate so the Yankee catcher could get over taking a foul ball off his right forearm. That umpire’s a real heartless, inconsiderate Yankee hater.

  18. As a Sox fan I can admit it: Dempster hurt his team by going after Rodriguez. All he succeeded in doing was galvanizing the Yanks and giving the Rays more hope of 1st place. The denials by Dempster and his manager afterwards when they said that he did not intend to hit A-Rod were laughable. This was all about Ryan acting as a vigilante punishing the “juicer” at the plate. But the best way to punish him and his friends in their club-house was to strike him out. Having said all that, I will now predict that the Yankees will finish in 4th place in the AL East, and the blood-letting in their organization will continue while the Red Sox win it all.

    • They are not going to win it all. The Rays will catch your stupid Sux. Ryan Dumpster is a putz who everybody body in the league hates and Big Sloppy took just as much juice as A Fraud but people just don’t care as much because he’s got a big, cuddly gap in his teeth. I wish both of those Scum Squads could lose until the end of time. And fans of both teams are fat, ugly, mean spirited jerks. Hearing “Go Sox” or “Go Yanks” is automatic proof positive that there is indeed an “A-Hole” near by. All those fans are on PEDs; Punkass Enhancement Drugs.

  19. So much Sux-Cranks drama; I don’t think I can produce enough vomit to adequately respond to this. Can’t they just keep losing? Last year was great! Ryan Dumpster is a putz who everybody body in the league hates and Big Sloppy took just as much juice as A Fraud but people just don’t care as much because he’s got a big, cuddly gap in his teeth. I wish both of those Scum Squads could lose until the end of time. And fans of both teams are fat, ugly, mean spirited jerks. Hearing “Go Sox” or “Go Yanks” is automatic proof positive that there is indeed an “A-Hole” near by. All those fans are on PEDs; Punkass Enhancing Drugs.

  20. It seems like MLB is allowing there to be bullying in baseball due to what has been going on with A-Rod. Players are hitting other players because they do not like how they are conducting themselves on/off the field. Now,you have kids watching and looking up to players and they are now walking away with the idea that it’s o.k to hit other players. What is MLB planning on doing about that?!

  21. Dempster absolutely should have been warned after first pitch and then ejected. It was all drama as usual with Yanks and Sox. However, the most amusing moment by far was when the cameras caught an outraged Sox fan holding up a sign that was supposed to make A-Rod look bad. It backfired as it read: A- Rod. A Looser!

  22. Hurray for u A-Rod…hang in there. Just play with all ur heart & soul every day. I can tell by the way u r playing right now u r playing better than I have seen in a long time and it is so good to have u back. You r playing right now the way everyone has dreamed of and getting better. But please, for once ,just keep u mouth shut, unless u can ay something good about someone. It will reward u 10 fold buddy.

  23. I was shocked when the yankees let A. soriano go a couple years back. As a sox fan I couldn’t have asked for a more detrimental move to my most hated team. When he was acquired again in the last couple weeks they said he wouldn’t make much of a difference…..well the yankees have started winning and soriano is hot right now. too bad A-rod has turned out to be the biggest flop in sports history and will continue to hurt the yankees while receiving a ridiculous salary. Cheers to the yankees thinking they can buy another championship!

  24. So I am a Yankee fan and I have been my whole life. I think A-Rod disgraced the game and the team, and I agree that he should be punished. His career should be over as well as anyone caught to be cheating the game regardless to the their extent. I thought that A-Rod would not be allowed to play again with the backstabbing from the front office and MLB. This was blatant and in the media. The Yankee front office has gone to hell in a handbassket since the “BOSS” died. Hell, they even ran Jeter’s name through the mud when negotiating his contract. Anyway, over the last decade with the events of 9/11 and the Boston Marathon, the two cities came together and collectively realized that there are MUCH bigger things in life than the their petty rivalry. Play hard against each other was still always the mantra but they became somewhat civilized by the world events. I thought they were actually better games since the events because it became about the game and their talents. Anyway again, I believe any team woudl stick up for its players. The Yankees and especially Joe Girardi showed exactly who they were professionally. That’s right “THE NEW YORK YANKEES”

  25. People this is America give the man a change to defend himself for God sake and them talk about it, everyone in this world is not perfect we all make mistake
    And finally let talk about baseball best player Miguel
    Cabrera and go from there

  26. Dumpster has got some balls trying to send a message about PEDs when Ortiz is in his clubhouse. Same for the Boston fans and media.

    Though, I must say, it’s pretty sad when both the Boston Globe AND the NY Post, both call you a chump, Dumpster. Damn.