Silver Is A Status Quo Guy

Adam Silver's favorite phrase: "We’ll look into it." (USA TODAY Sports Images)

Adam Silver's favorite phrase: "We’ll look into it." (USA TODAY Sports Images)

NEW ORLEANS — Was there anything new to emerge from Adam Silver’s first press conference as commissioner? Um, no.

Silver spent 22 years as the apprentice to David Stern and in many ways is a Stern clone, with the exception being Silver appears less egotistical and confrontational (though let’s check back in two years when the TV negotiations begin).

Also, there’s no pressing issue, no labor contracts to negotiate, no dress code to enforce, no nothing. When it’s all quiet on the NBA front, the commissioner is invisible, and that’s the appropriate word to describe Silver right now.

Silver’s favorite phrase Saturday was: “We’ll look into it.” meaning, he’ll look into tweaking the draft lottery, creating a longer All-Star break to give players more rest, increasing the age limit for rookies to two years after high school graduation and maybe doing away with the sleeved jerseys, which has caused some controversy.

“My priority is the game,” Silver said. “I’ve been on a little bit of a listening campaign over the last several months. I’ve been around talking to our owners, getting their ideas, also general managers, coaches and fans. I think that with any institution you always have to take a fresh look.”

One thing about Silver will change: He grew up in New York rooting for the Knicks.

“I promise, I’m a fan of all teams now,” he said.

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