Tiger Woods Finally Gets Mad

Sergio Garcia left a meeting in the rules office with PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem (right) and European Tour officials without any punishment . Now that's chicken. (Getty Images)

Sergio Garcia left a meeting in the rules office with PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem (right) and European Tour officials without any punishment . Now that's chicken. (Getty Images)

Let it be clear that the chickens in this latest racial episode involving Tiger Woods are the PGA Tour, which didn’t immediately hit Sergio Garcia with a swift punishment, and the European Tour, which allowed Sergio to play in this week’s BMW tournament — and also Sergio himself with that chickenspit apology.

But at least, through all of this, we finally see Tiger get genuinely angry and react as his father would, if Earl Woods were alive. That is refreshing.

“The comment that was made wasn’t silly,” Tiger tweeted this morning. “It was wrong, hurtful and clearly inappropriate.”

This time, Tiger didn’t let it slide when Garcia escalated their feud to dangerous territory when he offered to serve “fried chicken” next month at the U.S. Open as a way of making peace. This time, Tiger lashed out, when in the past, he more or less let folks off the hook.

Fuzzy Zoeller did twist in the wind a bit for his “chicken” comment 15 years ago, but Zoeller was already out of golf for the most part. Then came Tiger’s former caddy, Steve Williams, who talked about kicking Tiger’s “black arse” after they broke up, and now, Sergio, a wisecracking choker who thought he was being funny Tuesday night.

Tiger didn’t take Sergio’s phone calls this morning and likely won’t offer anything more than a terse “no comment” the next time he’s asked about someone he has little respect for, as a player and a person. Which makes sense. Why try to reconcile with someone who clearly doesn’t like you, doesn’t want anything to do with you, which was evident when Sergio took a few shots at Tiger during and after the Players Tournament?

It’s also weird how Tim Finchem, the PGA commissioner, spoke to Sergio and, according to Sergio, accepted the apology without any sanctions. Not even a wrist-slap? An angry reaction via press release? Nothing? As is the case with incidents like this, organizations like to wait to see where the wind is blowing before taking action, if any. That’s chicken. Finchem should’ve drawn a line about these comments long ago, and that’s why the tour continues to be viewed with skepticism by some people of color, who don’t see anyone who looks like them in positions of authority.

Lord, I wish Earl Woods were still around. Earl would have something to say. Earl knew racism, as a kid growing up in the Midwest, and the scattered comments directed to his son would’ve set him off. Tiger didn’t have his father’s experiences, not for the most part. He was raised in suburbia and once folks discovered he had a gift, they opened doors for him. For the most part.

At least the mature Tiger, the one we see now, is ready to say: enough. We now see the Earl in him slowly starting to emerge, to draw the line, to speak up and speak out.

“It’s long past time to move on and talk about golf,” Tiger tweeted.

Really? Well, why didn’t Fuzzy and Steve Williams and Sergio realize that?

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  1. hate to defend garcia or the pga but in this case i think you missed the rooster running the coop. sports media.

    as i understand the comment came after a question about inviting tiger over for dinner. which is a ridiculous question aimed at getting a ridiculous quote. cue the outrage.

    garcia’s comment is racist bc it plays on a racial stereotype. but i dont think its bigoted (i.e., what is intolerant about the remark?). and i think garcia’s intent was a middle finger to the sports media, just as much tiger. which im ok with and actually think is kind of funny.

    hope that doesnt make me too much of a racist.

    • also, i do think punishment is in order. bc casually racist remarks arent acceptable regardless of provocation.

      • This “politically correct” stuff is out of control! It was meant to be a funny comment and a dig at Tiger. Who cares? Move on As Tiger requested.

        • I guarantee you are not a person of color or else you wouldn’t be saying that. It’s always the people who aren’t affected who say PC is out of control.

          • What exactly is a “person of color?”. And if the definition excludes me, does it mean that I am a “person without color”? If so, I am offended by that. And, according to the rules of today, if I am offended or hurt, then you are at fault for me feeling that way. And you should be admonished, probably fired from your job and certainly made to apologize publicly.

            I think that it’s called the political correctness exclusion to the first amendment.

          • Most of us are sick and tired of “people of color” who are constantly held down by their slave owners. Get a life! Quit complaining and head for the Sec 8 office!

      • You can’t have it both ways… Should Sergio be punished or not? Also, when a Caucasian makes a “racial” comment the “spit” hits the fan. Do we hold African American folks to the same standard?

        Judging by color is a weak defense of insecurity. Regardless of which side it comes from. I’d just like to see the mainstream media hold both sides accountable.

    • No, a “middle finger to the sports media” would be to tell the reporter it was a moronic question and he’s not going to dignify it with a response. These athletes ought to know by now the media is baiting them with questions like that and the best course of action is to not answer the question and publicly admonish the reporter for asking it.

      • @sky, part of the reason i dont mind the comments is bc i dont feel athletes are obligated to take the high road. as i mentioned in my reply to my own post, he should be punished. i just dont see anything heinously wrong with what amounts to garden variety trash talk.

        @andrew, that reference was lame a decade ago.

        @gregg, calling some clueless and ignorant based on a single opinion, is in fact, clueless and ignorant. are you a hypocrite? i am not calling you one. it just seems from that one comment that you are a clueless, ignorant, hypocrite.

        • @ wild_type: I stand by my statement. You are clueless and ignorant! You should have given more thought to your 1st comment before you made it and posted it…just like Sergio.

        • they should take the high road. dont forget these people have endorsements and are in the children minds who want to be like them. An openly racial remark is not what we want to teach any of our kids. Plus, that is what people do who cant beat you straight up! What you heard was a losers frustration over 15 years worth. #chalkitup #youjustcantbeattiger #doworry #nootherblackpersoncaneither

          • edward, you hit the nail on the head. Tiger not responding “Priceless” and very classy.

    • @wild_type I’m one of the last people to defend POlitical Correctness as it is practiced today… I think today’s PC is overboard, and used as a weapon by politicians… BUT Sergio’s comment is so over the top, I mean throwback sixties level ugliness, that you defending it is troubling. The casual condescending way Sergio spit it out there, like an ugly country club racist, he might as well have called Tiger “boy” or used the N word… And he thought everyone would LAUGH, like that moron Fuzzy Zoeller. So yes, Sergio deserves universal scorn and stiff punishment, he’s a poster boy FOR AN UGLY CULTURE traditionally ingrained in the Golf Industry (once dominated by country club members)… And you need to wake up for not recognizing that.

      • You said it beautifully, Tony V. It’s clear that some of these comments are given by a few who miss “the good ol’ days” of the exclusionary golf culture.

    • Garcia has the right to freedom of speech and the right to express his views. I am white and i would love an invitation for some fried chicken sp Piss on tiger and political correctness.

      • Most correct statement I’ve seen on here. FREEDOM OF SPEECH. ALl you jokes on here should be locked up, fined and beaten for speaking your mind.

        • You don’t get it, do you? Freedom of speech just means you aren’t going to be thrown in jail for what you say–and neither Sergio Garcia nor idiots on this website are at any risk of that. It doesn’t mean any of us have to respect him or you for saying these things though. And it certainly doesn’t mean Tiger does. Learn what you’re talking about before you mouth off, and maybe people will listen to you more.

      • Ignorance is bliss, people say. The fact that you dismissed Sergio Garcia’s comment as a right which is embedded in his freedom of speech is quite laughable and inarticulate. Making statements that connotes stereotype of profound misery and degradation of a race for hundred of years, is inexcusable. Professing abject ignorance about the psychological impact of such stigma, is the height of brainless demagog

    • Tiger ought to know all about doing something “wrong, hurtful and clearly inappropriate”. If he does not, I am sure his ex-wife does. So before you expect the world to treat you with respect, then live your life in a way that deserves it.

      Second, why did the author feel the need to bring up his dead father? Made it sound like his dad would kick Sergio’s arse. I wonder if the writer wrote anything about the elder Woods being angry enough to kick Tiger’s arse after commiting adultry wife half of the porn industry’s strumpets.

    • Media to Tiger: Do you think Sergio measures up?

      Tiger to Media: Sure…..He can measure the toilet in my bathroom, if he can get across the border…..

      Not too racist…huh?

      how do you feel?

    • no it makes you a fool,if you honestly believe that insulting someone the way he did had nothing to do with race, you are in denial and that is that….if you cant be honest witht hte world be honest with yourself

    • Is that a smirk on racist Garcia’s face? Looks like he may have tried to play Finchem for a fool. Unless Finchem’s a little racist himself, too.

  2. At wild_type: Maybe you are not a racist, but just ignorant and clueless. Sergio should be fined and suspended for his racist slur, and should lose some endorsements for his extremely poor judgment and unprofessional behavior. There should be no place for this in golf or sports. The PGA Tour Commissioner is showing his lack of leadership, courage, and character as this happened under his watch.

    • Tiger Woods is a sickening and dispicable human being. He was a cheating steroid user. He was a cheating husband. He is a lying husband and father. There is nothing that can be said about this man upon which someone should be punished for. Good for you Sergio!

      • Dude, how many times have you cheated in your own life? This is like the pot calling the kettle black. As you’ve read and seen, Sergio doesn’t look well and can’t sleep after making the racist statements. Racial comments only make the person who says it look more like the idiot..Now Sergio is crying and his tummy hurts…He should also be crying about his golf game. When was the last time Sergio has beaten Tiger or won a major? Sergio is simply jealous of Woods and wants to be like Tiger! Glad I could help you!

        • mmmmmmmmmm lets make cornbread ,greens and sweet tea a racial slur-fried chicken–out law Bojangles and other fast food places that serve chicken—-which is worse Tigers foul mouth on the golf course in front of young golfers–or a good southern meal

      • Reading statements like this are as sickening as listening to ignorant remarks from a guy that has NEVER lived up to his hype. AT his very best, Sergio Garcia, is a top twenty golfer and will be lucky to win another tournament in his career. The guy is a choker and a whiny little baby that is bitter about the 3 balls he put in the water on 17+18 that cost him $400,000.

      • Rick,

        you are clearly just another ignorant racist, who would promote this kind of behavior becuase you think it’s acceptable. If you don’t like Tiger that’s fine, but what does the color of skin have to do with it? IDIOT..!!

      • Wow…what blissful ignorance!! Someone needs to look at their “perfect” life. This is rhectoric…dumb, thoughtless rhectoric at best!

      • Well said! I guarantee you Tiger Woods eats chicken and watermelon. Nothing happened to Tiger when he cheated on his scorecard. He is an all around cheat. Good for you Sergio!

        • Pat I’m very sorry you feel that way, I guess this is the type of form that a racist can really say what he wants.

      • Even though Woods is an immoral person, racial comment shouldn’t be expressed, at least, if anybody is moral person

      • Boy talk about saying bad things about a person. Who peed in your Wheaties this morning?

      • Rick, you are cheating yourself. That is why you mentioned this to cover your mistakes. Whenever someone accuse someone they are doing it themselves. You just revealed yourself

      • ?!? “Steroid user?!?” Are you insane? At the time racist Skip Bayless started TRYING to “insinuate” that LIE (because he thought back then that Tiger wood soon surpass Nicklaus) TEN (10) white men were OFFICIALLY hitting it past Tiger! Were THEY “on steroids?!?” Skip Bayless nor any of his alleged “journalistic” descendants on this couldn’t have cared less about the TRUTH. They just wanted to try to bother Tiger with nonsense while he was trying to break Jack’s record. They didn’t know or care that Shaun Micheel, major winner, admitted to taking extra testosterone, either. If that had been TIGER, though. Shaking my head.

  3. >Earl knew racism, as a kid growing up in the Midwest, and the scattered comments directed to his son would’ve set him off.

    More likely he would have castigated the media for saying that’s not racism like what he experienced. Charles Barkley casually tells Shaq,”When you hear Cisco, you’re thinking of fried chicken aren’t you?”
    No media outrage there.

    If Tiger says I’ll serve paella, is he going to be in trouble?

    • That ‘s just it….Tiger didnt say… ” paella . ” People with this train of though don’t live in the moment…or reality! Sergio said what he because he is a racist. People who defend, embrace and deflect comments about the obvious…I wonder?!?

      • Tiger has brought to the world of Golf expertise, elegance, excitement and exeptional grace and talent. Everyone wants to see Tiger play. No amount of racial insults or otherwise can take away from TIGER”s history that will stand the test of time. His personal indescretions are between his ex wife and him..his became public. He held his head up and came back with the same dignity, magesty and roar of the Tiger

  4. Sergio should have taken a page out of Bryce Harpers play book and responded “That’s a clown question bro”. At 19 he was far wiser than Sergio is now. It was racist and stupid and Finchems lack of real response is is just as idiotic

  5. Sergio is sick to his stomach because now he must face those he offended, the media and fan backlash, and the potential of losing endorsements/money. Fear caused him to not feel well and it prevented him from sleeping. Sergio…Sergio…what coward behavior. If you have problems with Woods, don’t use the media to deliver your message or shield you. Be a man about it and deliver your message directly to Woods. Sergio, Fuzzy and people of like minds are arrogant jerks who should choke on their venom of hate and jealousy…

  6. To Rick: are you mad at Tiger because he cheated on a white woman…or, because he cheated on her with white women?
    That’s a lot of bile coming from you over something that has nothing to do with you.
    Besides, Elin(?) made a boat load of money practicing her skills as a baby sitter…she just upgraded to the oldest profession in the world and got “paid”.

    • How can you be upset about Sergio’s alleged racism while you speak such sexism.

      Also, what’s the deal about fried chicken? Everyone loves fried chicken.

      • bill, you’ve expressed my sentiment perfectly.

        making a ‘black person/friend chicken’ reference is racist because it plays on a stereotype. and an off-color racist joke isn’t appropriate in comments made to the media.

        but it also doesnt make someone ignorant, clueless, hateful, etc. bc we’re talking about fried chicken!

        honestly if the comment was ‘but he will use a different bathroom at my place’ i would find the comment aggressively racist. instead my reaction is, stupid comment, will cost the athlete money, deservedly, but lets not make it anything more than that.

        i feel strongly that when people react to the comment and say that anyone not on their side is some sort of nasty evilness…well…that’s why i wrote my hypocrite comment on my original post.

        • @ wild_type: There’s that clueless and ignorant side of you again! Your arrogance and stupidity blinds you! Bill and wild_type since you think this type of racism is harmless and funny…Why don’t you make a similar racist statement to two Black men and let see what type of response you’ll get… The joke will be on you…idiot!

          • That’s the problem with today’s society. Everything anybody says is offensive to somebody somewhere, so when something is said there’s always a person/group that will cry foul. It’s absolutely getting out of control. You can’t say “boy” around a black person because it was once offensive, you can’t really even say black, it’s supposed to be “African American,” why?? Why can’t we just call a spade a spade, I have white skin, im WHITE, black people have black skin, they’re BLACK. Americans are so stifled by all this political correctness and trying to walk on eggshells because somebody somewhere might be offended by what they say. It’s out of control.

          • Ok speaking as a black person, I don’t find his comment that troubling when taken at face value.

            I think given the venue and the fact that Sergio isn’t good enough to be Tigers ball washer I find it very inappropriate but not much more. If I were him I’d have told the reporter “Tigers not invited but Elinor can come by any time!”

            Probably would have got myself a fine & suspension for it so I may not be the best person to ask about NOT being offensive?

            Also if I recall after the Fuzzy incident Tiger came the next day and said he understood that Fuzzy wasn’t being intentionally offensive, that they had spoke, and remained friends. (Lord knows that wasn’t the first time Fuzzy put his foot in his mouth.)

            If I were Tiger I wouldn’t take a call from Sergio to begin with, (maybe have my people tell him I’ll only speak to him after he makes the cut, then watch him choke all year? lol…)

          • You are even more clueless than they accused you. People with color to their skin are not black but different shades of brown. You on the other hand are not white but your skin has no pigment which makes you red. Just look at any so called white person when they are angry and they are fiery red. This is their biblical color when Esau was born and is their color now. You only think that because your people told you that and gave you the title of white. Your people were never called white in the past but Caucasian. Just as the so called African American/Black were called by their nationality of Ethiopian or Hebrew people of the Bible. Their is so education for your ignorant behind. Hebrews or Jews as you call them are not white or Caucasian as you see today in Israel. They are fakes and will be punished for stealing someone’s else’s inheritance. Just watch and remember this email that I told you so.

        • I agree with wild_type. I am a Black woman and I think y’all are making this a bigger thing than it needs to be. Yes, Sergio said something stupid. Then again, that seems to be the normal thing for him these days. He’s clearly not satisfied with making bogeys on the green, he has to do it in real life as well. Y’all talk about racism and stereotype. Funny thing about a stereotype is, a lot of the time (not all the time), they tend to be true and spot on. And no, you cannot compare “fried chicken” to “boy” or the N word. If Sergio meant it that way, fine. But you cannot sit here and make that call yourself. If Tiger was smart, he should have showed up at Sergio’s house with a fork and knife in hand and said, “Alright, I hope you’re ready for this. I’m quite hungry and I can put the fried chicken away”. Tiger should have just ran with the comment. People are way too sensitive these days. And, no, I’m not trying to down play what happened in the earlier years when Black people were truly being persecuted. But you’re whining because of “fried chicken”? Really? I know for a fact my father is up in arms about this and will be for the next month. But, he loves fried chicken. lol Then again, I don’t know one Black person who doesn’t, though I’m sure there are some. Be the bigger/ better person. There are bigger problems going on right now than two grown men acting like 5 year olds because they don’t know how to “exist” together like adults. So they don’t like each other, they need to get over it. People have died and lost homes this week and we are complaining about these two guys. Put some gloves on them and let them settle it in a ring somewhere. And no, I am not a fan of political correctness. I prefer common sense. Thank you, very much.

          • Common sense is overrated. If someone needs to be called on their bad behavior, so be it. People who are tired of being wronged and abused by the abusive behavior of others are not being Political Correct. It’s just ‘Gorilla dust.’ Don’t be distracted by it. You might have the right to free speech, but people don’t have to take your abuse.

            Tiger Woods has been waging a PR campaign since he was a toddler. His parents were trying to get the world to accept their son as one who belonged on stage with the best and the rest. Research his comments and struggles with self-identification along with his achievements. He does not want to be pinned down; nor does he want to be put down.
            The bigger stage is being set and the wheels have been in motion. The agenda is to create doubt and question about TW’s integrity so that his victories can be challenged. Golf is a game of integrity scoring. He would have won The Masters had not a connected official phoned in from his couch to have a 2-stroke penalty/disqualification called into play.

            This continued gossip about his infidelity is really about his fidelity. Was anyone listening to Sergio’s comments? Did anyone hear the commentator during TPC question the location of the drop after his ball went into the water on hole 14 on Sunday?

            This is about Power & Control.

          • Hey hey, I’m a (white !) South African, and I just feel the need to declare that I love Kentucky Fried Chicken !

            Over here they call us ‘whiteys’, and guess what, we don’t really give a damn about it. Because we know, right or wrong, every ethnic group in the world probably carries some slur word connected to them. Chinks, whiteys (homeys in the US ?), niggers, gooks, kaffirs, spics, hotnots, charras, coolies …etc the list is endless, the list is universal.

            It’s ugly, but it’s true. What we should be saying is something like this : (All) people of character wouldn’t stoop that low as to use these terms, and (all) people of strong mentality should say “consider the source” when they hear it.

            I know some wonderful black people, and I know some really low level white people, and the same goes for all others. Right now I’m working in China, and can tell you, these are some of the most decent people I’ve ever met in my half a century on this planet of ours, but I never thought that before coming here.

            So Tiger, if your house is in order, just consider the source.

          • Hoa! When these insults are spewed publicly by ignorant racists it is felt by many that have no voice and that is the point. I am white and proud that I have been brought up to respect everyone regardless of their ethnicity in a world that unfortunately still sees ,breathes, and makes judgements in color instead of humankind and that is the reality. I am a teacher and each day try to instill in my students that hope hard work, education, integrety and belief that anything and all disciplines are attainable regardless of their race or religion.

            There are many closetted Sergios that are hiddden behind their masks. My concern is that
            since Garcia’s mask is off publicly he is making me a liar to my students, who by the way have challenged me on this topic. There is zero tolerence for this hurtful behavior despite that some is scurrying to “white wash” this remark.
            Thankfully Sergio Garcia, no amount of your hate can turn Tiger back, He has an abundance of Love from Millions; his name is secured in History

          • Matt I dont think you get it. It does not matter how long we have had our freedom, noone can just play around joking about “hundrends” of years of slavery. Black people skin color is not black. Shades of Brown. Nothing is worse than human slavery, and even 90% of white people knows that. These derogatory names all come from that time. We know the words, the phrases, and we know not to use them in a public setting and that goes for white and black. But, the underline theme here is that young black tiger had all these white guys scared in the golf world because of talent and race. They pounced on him when the found an opening His family problems. And now Tiger is coming back and they are trying to do anything to derail that. And for golf officials to punish Tiger after a call in and not punish Garcia for this, clearly justified all I have said above.

    • ?!? Why the dishonest, vicious, evil comments about Elin? Do some RESEARCH before writing about her. Elin’s mother is like Hillary Clinton in Sweden. She was a high-ranking government official. And Elin’s father is a well-known Broadcast Journalist. Elin herself graced the covers of magazines as a top model. In Europe it was customary for wealthy people to have their wealthy friends’ older children babysit their own younger children. Jesper Parnevik, the golf pro and his wife for whom Elin and her twin sister served as nannies, are family friends. Jesper himself is the son of a famous comedian in Sweden. Elin and her family had plenty of money long before they even knew Tiger Woods existed. Furthermore, it is racist (even for black people) to pretend the only reason a woman would marry Tiger is for “money!” Tiger Woods is brilliant, humorous, focused, charitable, and kind. He got into Stanford via his Golf prowess AND his good GRADES! Tiger’s sense of humor is grade “A” as well. Tiger Woods started a charitable foundation for children long before some of his wealthy older peers in golf did. Tiger Woods’s intelligence, hilariousness, prodigious skill, work ethic, and spiritual recognition all make for a man who is worthy of love — with or without his enormous wealth. Some women, like Elin, were smart enough to realize that. Tiger should not have strayed. It was a truly terrible mistake. One that he will never make again. For Tiger, as we all know, is a quick learner.

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  21. I have no problems with people clamoring all over Mr. Garcia for his comments…IF they will please jump the shark the next time one of the African-American pro athletes in the other sports or pop culture drops the N-word on another African-American. The absence of doing so tells me they are searching for racism instead of truly stomping it out. And don’t tell me it’s not the same thing… Garcia is a minority in this country, in fact maybe more of one than Tiger. So this was a minority slinging a minority barb at another minority…same thing. Most people don’t realize Tiger is 1/4 African American, 1/4 Chinese, 1/4 Thai, 1/8 Native American and 1/8 Dutch…he’s more Asian than African American.

    If we are going to call the strikes…PLEASE call them all.

    • ?!? What are you talking about? Minority? The vast majority of people in SPAIN are WHITE. As is Sergio Garcia. And Tiger Woods calls his own father African-American. Because is WAS. Tiger as a grown man, submitted this official statement: “I am the product of two great cultures–African-American and Asian.” Because he IS. Btw, if a man looking like Tiger Woods were to snatch a woman’s purse, she’d tell the police a black man did it. You know that as well as I.

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    • Amen brother, want to come over and have some biscuts and gravey. Freedom of speech is a bitch ain’t it.

  23. As an African American male I will have to tell you that after reading most of the comments on this blog that I am extremely pleased to hear people stepping forward and slapping down this ugly train of thought. Here is my contribution to the dialogue — I also agree that there are far to many African Americans that use the “Race Card” as a pass to make their own racist and biggotted remarks. You can’t have it both ways and expect people to take you seriously. Thanks for building up my hope in humanity.

  24. Tired of hearing “African American.” A person born in America is American. Why do we have to add African to it? Charlize Theron and Ernie Els were born in Africa and now live in America. They are true African Americans, but they don’t call themselves that. If you need to make it known that your skin is black, just say so.

    • Oh, Bubba, I was going to mention that and I forgot because I had a child throwing her toys in the toilet. lol But yes, I agree. I am American. Whenever I have to fill out some kind of paper work that says African American, I always correct it. It makes people mad, but that’s the truth. We don’t go around saying Asian American, Australian American, or European American, so there shouldn’t be a need for the African American bit. And if I were to be even more technical, I don’t even really look black; according to Crayola, it’s brown. But, you are so right. :)

  25. who does tiger think he is? KFC i guess will have to say there sorry too . get a life go back to your ex and let her smack you with that 9 iron again and wake you up.

  26. What I always find amusing is that the VERY people who call OTHERS are the real “racists”. Believe it or not, other SKIN COLORED folks eat FRIED CHICKEN, WATER MELON, BLACK EYES PEAS and they are NOT BLACK! Then again, Tiger playing gold with Obama … speaks volumes. Obama is an in your face “RACIST”. Who can forget Obama’s head of the Dept of “Justice” dismissing the New Black Panthers case of genuine intimidation back in 2008? They were already CONVICTED and awaiting sentencing when Holder DISMISSED it. Holder’s comment was, “BLACK men will not be punished in this administration…”.

    • Pardon my typo –

      Tiger playing golf with Obama is NOT good company.

  27. Would Sergio say what he said if Tiger was standing right there; I DONT THINK SO ! Therefore; Sergio is even dumber than he looks; BC everyone who 1st heard his comment knew right away that he was an IDIOT for making it & saw right then thru his Bag-o-Donuts BS ! Almost seems like this is the only way Sergio can make any news now; certainly not w/his Golf game or lack thereof;
    DUH ?

  28. How come people only get upset when someone calls himself/herself ‘African American’? I hear people call themselves and be called ‘Italian American’ or ‘Irish American’ all the time, yet I never hear any objection or questioning of that. Is it something about the ‘African’ that offends you? Your heritage is your heritage, and I can call myself what I want. Charlize Theron is an African-American by nationality, not by race. Just as I could call myself a ‘European American’ since I was born in Europe – but I guarantee that if I did so people would call me out on that since I have a very obvious African heritage. Nothing wrong with being ‘African American’. There are lots of black people in the world – just being black does not make you an African American – being black does not necessarily make you an African or an American.

  29. Wow! Tiger fans/apologists have really “gone off the reservation” on this one. Please don’t consider that a racist remark about American Indians, it is a general, socially accepted statement that is made from time to time.

    I don’t know, but I imagine, that Tiger has made similar “funnies” amongst the very few friends he has on the tour, the only difference was not saying it in front of a microphone. We shall see at some point down the road when Tiger “messes up” which he always ends up doing.

    I thought Tiger’s initial tweet addressing the sensitive nature was a mature response to the silly statement, and his follow-up to put it behind and play golf was as well.

    I would say most Tiger fans are happy this happened so they don’t have to continue defending his lying and cheating on the course in the name of “winning”.

  30. Oh good grief… Tiger is full of himself and can’t take it. Anyone who can GROSSLY and I mean GROSSLY make a complete ass of himself and his family nationally because he can’t keep it in his pants, shouldn’t piss and moan over a little heated/racial banter. If he were ‘quicker’ on the draw, he could have just replied with “yeah.. and I’ll save a towel and some burritos for you.”
    Woods Sr. was a good and honorable man.. his son.. not so much. Let’s stop comparing the two.

    • Sergio is from Spain, not Mexico. But if he was, he’d be doing tigers landscaping, not golfing! Ha ha! I luv racist jokes!

  31. Wow! People are so sensitive! First off ….. Racism is funny! The reason therefor is that decades ago we tried to do away with it. Racism was very offensive and it really hit a sore spot with people everywhere. Then the primary victims of racism at the time, African Americans, didn’t take reform seriously. What they did was take the one term that was deemed most offensive (the N word) and glorified it, then after much criticism, continued to use it and deem it’s use acceptable only by African Americans. Now, if that isn’t the dumbest thing I don’t know what it. So now that they have de-sensitized the word, changed its meaning, and tried to make it appropriate for only them to use it (which is discrimination in and of itself) I say NOT! I say that it has turned from an offensive and derogatory term to a now funny issue altogether. And thats their fault. So too bad, tiger should have responded with a comment like….”sure I’ll go to dinner, after all those spaniards are brothers to me. After all, Sergio’s great grandmother was gang banged by the Africans When they took over spain hundreds of years ago! So sure, I’ll see you for some chicken at your house …… brother! Oh and maybe next week when we are hanging out and go to taco bell or McDonald’s, you can order in Spanish for me so we can make sure we get our order right. And tell you cousin the next time he’s cutting my lawn to leave it a little long.”
    Now that’s funny! See, we can all make racism a little more fun for everyone.

  32. Who cares ?- if anyone who says fried chicken it is determined by the left leaning fanatics to be racist – then I submit that all KFC commercials should be banned as they are hurtful. I really don’t think Tiger cares on way or another. How does this work – A white guy can’t say anything about anyone – but if you are anything but white you can say anything?
    How insecure do you people think the black people are ? My best friends are black and they in no way shape or form think that the term “Fried Chicken” is racist – in fact they admit they actually like it. Get over yourselves – you are all pathetic.
    Black people are much stronger and more secure in their skin than anyone knows – the ones who claim racism at first sight are probably the most racist people on the face of the earth.

  33. Sergio needs to grow up and shut his mouth AND behave like a gentleman. AND shame on Tim Fincham as well. Sergio is just jealous that he cannot play like Tiger Woods!

    • So you find it ok for you to get on here and tell people that they should shut up and that they suck at their job, but it’s not ok for the man to invite someone over for dinner.

  34. Pingback: Garcia’s remark again roils racial waters in sports | Read The USA News Online

  35. Sergio was offering to have a golfer at his house, and responded that he would be extra hospitable by serving food that he is likely to enjoy unlike the Spanish food that Sergio prefers, and he gets branded a racist.

  36. Every comment by every individual is now cause to raise the Racism Flag. Ridiculous. People say stupid things, some meant to hurt and some just said without thought. Rather than to make real racism and bigotry more evident, my advice to Tiger would be to just shut up and get over it. My advice to Sergio would be to just shut up.

  37. My comment is : Start a new article
    I laugh at Italian Racial comments made to me . . Actually I will use those comments to make other LAUGH …. PEOPLE LAUGH !! then people are happy !
    I’ll take some Spagetti with my chicken and invite you ALL and we can LIVE !! and LAUGH !!!
    YAY ..lol

  38. You people act like he broke the law, want to hang him in the court house square. Being racist isn’t against the law is it, saying something that you know is going to piss someone off isn’t either.

  39. Most of the responds that I see here is silly , stupid, and uncaring people who just like Sergio miss the point. Its not ok for any race to talk crap about anothers race with out really thinking of the harm it will cause and yes Tiger cheated but thats his business and he’ll have to live with it but when you make stupid remarks about what has been tabu for many years your just as silly as sergio and all the other racists in this world so good job guys and gals you have made it to the top of the racists list. and its people like you who will keep this world seperated.

  40. …ok time out,let’s do some research here,as i recall Sergio said just what he believes and i do feel it’s in his heart,Fuzzy some years back done the same and it cost him dearly,the point i’m making here is that if you do not feel that way then none of this is never said,so trying to justiy what he said and in some way ”defending” him just will not do no apoligies acccepted.

  41. is it racist during an nba game when kevin garnett calls the other team the n word all game. So it is privileged word? You can be racist call someone the n word if you are black. How is the n word less demeaning when it comes out of a black person mouth? it means the same thing.

  42. I was initially offended by the remarks even though I am African American and used to volunteer at the Tiger Woods Learning Center. Near as I can recall, Tiger has done much over his life to distance himself from the Black community. He has been very quick to point out that he is half-Asian, part Indian and part Black, to distance himself from “Black” causes, and even in his cheating, he favored blond, blue-eyed white women. [Many of my 11-uncles and one of my older brothers has a white wife, so save your hatred for someone else. I don't care about your opinion of me. I am comfortable with my Black/Shoshone/German Jew ancestry.]

    Given that he is half Asian and that Asians make great fried chicken, it never hit me as a racist slur directed against Black people until the media started playing it up as one. Then again, I love fried chicken and used to travel to Madrid. I was shocked by how welcomed I was in Spain compared to the crappy treatment I receive in Orange County, California, a horrible place in America to be a Black person.

  43. Why is this racist? Simply stating a stereotype is not racist. Granted a negative stereotype may be, but Fried Chicken is not that. Are blacks to be handled with such kid gloves that a remark like this is considered insulting? Who is insulted by this remark and more to the point, why? Any why would Sergio possibly understand this American nonsense anyway?

  44. PC is running rapid in this country. Give it a rest and quit trying to develop story lines to sell print or gain hits on line.

  45. Everybody knows black people love fried chicken. They are considered experts on cooking it. It’s not racist, like saying people from new england are experts on lobster is racist. Woods is t disgrace to golf always will be. Woods gave away his relationship for dirty sex. He stalked a thirteen year old child until she was legal. He is a monster and your sick if you can’t see it.

  46. Sergio knew damned well what he was saying. Prejudice will never be eliminated. As an american Jew i ask my gentile friends if they ever heard their parents say hurtful words and many would tell me that after a tirade their father would end up saying. Damned Jew bastard. For no reason at all. But this is a country of law where A person does not have to put up with prejudice and one does not have to take the high road. Growing up in Newark nj we often took to fists to straighten out people and my gang was peopled with all faiths and and colors and we got along. If I was tiger I would. Smack him in the chops and tell him to shut his mouth.

  47. i’m 67yrs very little has change if this what you were taught this is how you act i still have a little hate but if you don’t bring it out of me it won’t come i treat others the way they treat me money is green but nobody hates it why?because of its color

  48. wow, the old redneck cockroach golfers sure come out of the wood work in defense of this one. This wasn’t appropriate when dimwit redneck Fuzzy said it 15 years ago. why the heck would it be now. Guess golf follows the crowd that is their audience, fat over the hill wanna be white men

  49. Garcia has no reason to apologize to Tiger – he maybe, maybe should apologize to black people. Most of your “Tigerlovers” don’t realize that Tiger doesn’t consider himself “black.” He considers himself superior and rich. It’s possible to be really good at what you do and still be a good person. Tiger is not.

  50. Sergio and Tiger need to put on gloves and duke it out. I’d pay to see that. It’s about time there’s finally some spice in an otherwise ho-hum sport.

  51. What a faux pas on Sergio’s part. With Tiger, he should have said he’d have strippers present, not fried chicken.